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CUSTOM SHOP NOS MN3005 Analog Echodrive $849

All Custom Shop SiB Echodrive pedals are Hand stuffed, hand soldered PCB'S with handbuilt assembly, Inspection, burned in and tested by Rick Hamel (Designer of the Echodrive) and Brian Aberg (Co-Owner of SiB). Each Custom Shop SiB product is then signed and personalized accordingly.

Email or Call for details or to purchase. Aprox Shipping ETA upon purchase 5-7 Business Days.

The following bypass options are available for no extra charge. If you purchased an NOS MN3005 Custom Shop Analog Echodrive from a dealer and it doesn't have the bypass option you want we will free of charge modify the pedal to your liking less shipping costs.

TRADITIONAL BYPASS: True Bypass operation just like all Echodrives shipped originally from the factory.

ACTIVE TUBE / DELAY CANCEL BYPASS: The Echodrive is renowned for its High Voltage Tube Preamp. Numerous users leave it on all the time. However many wanted the ability to run through the Tube Preamp even when the Delay signal was bypassed. It's a wonderful sounding pre-amp, why let it go to waste! Hence we came up with the Active Tube / Delay Cancel mod, now available with the flick of the switch on the Echodrive 4.

SPILLOVER BYPASS: Previously our most requested Mod to the Echodrive. Over the last 15 years we have modified 500+ Echodrive pedals with this bypass option. This allows for the Mix Control Echo to trail off after bypassing while also creating a subtle extremely low level ambient like Echo in the background. Great for coming off a solo but then back into rhythm playing. In Spillover mode as with Active Tube mode, the High Voltage Tube preamp is always engaged.