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CUDA LT ..... NOW SHIPPING!!! USA MSRP $299 .... STREET PRICE $229. To purchase please contact your favorite SiB Dealer.

Video Courtesy of Mike Hermans!



A more refined, less bite version of the Original Cuda with more details in the mids and less gain. Pure Class A 12AX7 Tube Overdrive. High voltage supply powered by 9VDC (Power Supply Included). Wide range passive Tone controls. It's a Class A circuit designed to deliver overdrive without getting in the way of your guitar and amp's natural tone.


9VDC Input-- Plug the supplied 9 Volt adapter in here. Current draw is 275ma. DC jack size is 5.5mm X 2.1mm. The center pin is negative.PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO POLARITY! (Power Supply Included)

DRIVE Knob-- Controls the amount of signal driving the tube. Everything from almost clean to a meaty overdrive.

BASS and Treble Knobs-- Controls the low and high EQ curve. They are interactive and the Bass control dips the mids with settings higher than 75% (3:00)

VOLUME Knob -- Controls overall volume level

INPUT Jack-- Plug your guitar or effect you plan on using in front of the 'CUDA in here. Input impedance is over 1Meg.

OUTPUT Jack -- Plug into amp or pedal you plan on using after the 'CUDA. Output impedance is less than 10K.

BYPASS Switch -- 3DPT Footswitch for True Bypass Operation. Switches the effect in and out of the signal path. The green LED will glow when activated.